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Univa Navops Launch

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Manage and Optimize Your HPC Workloads to the Cloud Efficiently with Navops Launch 2.0

Navops Launch is an automation and spend management platform for migrating compute-intensive HPC workloads to the cloud. It provides organizations with insights into spending against budgets and end-to-end visibility to of HPC cloud resources and applications.

Viewers will learn how Navops Launch can reduce the total cost of ownership of on-prem resources while also reducing cloud spend. Unlike tools that provision cloud resources based on simple policies, Navops Launch is application, resource, and budget aware. By combining sophisticated automation with cloud spend management, organizations can boost efficiency, reduce cloud costs, and improve time-to-results, ultimately improving revenue and profitability.

Navops Launch gives users transparent access to the cloud. Perhaps its most impactful factor is Navops Launch's easy access to more compute capacity. With Navops Launch, it is relatively easy to avoid cloud provider lock-in to stay agile, efficient and on budget. Watch this webinar to learn how Navops Launch 2.0 can transform your HPC cloud migration strategy and optimize your HPC environment.

Fritz Ferstl, CTO, Univa Corporation

Fritz Ferstl brings 20 years of grid and cloud computing experience to Univa, and as the Chief Technology Officer he helps define the technical vision. Fritz, long regarded as the father of Grid Engine software and its forerunners Codine and GRD, ran the Grid Engine software business from within Sun Microsystems and Oracle, taking it from an upstart technology to the most widely deployed workload management solution, used in some of the most challenging data center environments on the planet. Under Fritz's leadership, Grid Engine software was open sourced with its own vibrant community.

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