Powering innovation in Educaton & Research

  • Boost academic computing capacity

  • Enable new curriculum and academic research

  • Stretch IT budgets with seamless cloud access

Univa is the choice of leading global research universities

  • queen mary
  • usc
  • wharton
  • wellcome
  • cebitec
  • tokyo-tech
  • drexcel
  • ihme
  • in2p3

Support for thousands of applications, advanced GPU and container management, and seamless access to public clouds.

  • education

    A robust platform for academic computing

    Teach HPC on a proven, flexible commercially supported environment widely used in industry.

  • research

    Enable new curriculums and areas of research

    Support academic computing and research across all disciplines with thousands of application integrations.

  • networking

    Hybrid, dedicated,
    and multi-cloud

    Easily tap cloud resources subject to policy enabling faster, more cost-effective collaborative research.

  • sharing

    Flexible resource sharing policies

    Respect project deadlines while sharing resources appropriately among departments.

  • database

    Enable efficient, collaborative research

    Enable collaboration and resource sharing among multiple faculties, departments and researchers.

  • server

    Make IT computing budgets go further

    Use on-prem and cloud resources efficiently for maximum throughput, productivity and ROI.

Powering academic and research computing

Every day, Univa software helps research universities pioneer advances from life sciences to advanced manufacturing to artificial intelligence.

Universities and research institutions around the world leverage high-performance computing across all fields of research, pioneering new approaches to problem solving in domains from materials science to bioinformatics to computational chemistry.

With Univa software, universities can support a wide variety of academic and research computing applications across a shared infrastructure, and efficiently share resources among users and departments. With flexible cloud automation and spend management, educational institutions can easily migrate compute-intensive HPC workloads to their choice of cloud.

AI Education and Research

Rapid advances in fields such as 5G, IoT, and AI mean that research universities are continually challenged to support new application frameworks in areas such as data analytics, machine learning, and deep learning.

With sophisticated support for containers, advanced GPU management, and rich distributed processing support, Univa software is ideally suited to modern distributed frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch.

Universities can leverage a common infrastructure for both traditional HPC and modern AI research providing flexibility and cost-efficiency both on-premise and in the cloud.




Univa Grid Engine maximizes Queen Mary University of London HPC cluster

Globally recognized for pushing the boundaries of research and innovation, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) runs a high-performance computing environment that supports over 2,000 students and researchers across all disciplines. Learn why QMUL selected Univa for HPC workload management.

queen mary

Wellcome Centre for Human Genomics extends HPC research environment with Univa

When an international leader in genetics, genomics, statistics and structural biology faced rapid growth and the daunting challenge of accommodating new workload types they turned to Univa.


Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania extends HPC to the cloud

Increasing demands of its user base meant Wharton's HPCC had to be extended. Learn how Univa software helps the Wharton school seamlessly tap cloud resources.


Accelerating machine learning and AI at University of Southern California’s ISI Vista Lab

Learn how ISI's VISTA lab conducts machine learning research faster, more efficiently, and with lower costs using Univa software.


Univa Grid Engine Benchmark: Understanding the advantages for HPC research environments

Download our technical report outlining Univa Grid Engine benchmarks and learn how better performance translates into higher productivity and cost-efficiency.