High-Throughput Electronic Design

  • semiconductor Boost design center productivity

  • semiconductor white Reduce regression runtime, improve quality

  • value Reduce costs, improve profitability

Trusted by global leaders in semiconductor design

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Univa helps electronics manufacturers improve productivity, reduce regression runtimes, and ensure project deadlines are met with flexible, high-performance workload scheduling.

  • management

    Reduce regression runtimes

    Up to 9x the performance of competing schedulers for faster regression/verification runtimes.

  • license

    Maximize EDA license utilization

    Maximize utilization of expensive EDA license features for improved productivity and reduced cost.

  • networking

    Hybrid, dedicated,
    and multi-cloud

    Stay flexible and portable, efficiently running EDA applications on-prem or in your choice of cloud.

  • sharing

    Flexible resource sharing policies

    Leverage License Orchestrator to intelligently allocate EDA licenses based on flexible sharing policies.

  • quality

    Improve overall design quality

    Run more regressions in a shorter time for higher verification coverage and design quality.

  • server

    Migration, automation and spend management

    Reduce costs and improve efficiency with Univa Navops Launch cloud automation.

Boost efficiency with smarter scheduling

Univa supports the full range of EDA workloads from Gate Level Simulations to Register Transfer Level modeling to Analog abstractions

As semiconductor designs grow in complexity, electronics manufacturers are constantly challenged to do more with less. They need to simultaneously improve verification coverage to meet stringent quality goals and shorten design cycles to meet time-to-market objectives - all with limited budgets for hardware and software.

For electronics manufacturers, Univa software can provide a decisive advantage. High throughput scheduling and flexible resource sharing policies help reduce run-time and maximize the utilization of both on-premise and cloud infrastructure as well as valuable EDA software tools. The result is improved productivity and efficiency.

Univa License Orchestrator™

Manage and optimize EDA application and license usage with Univa License Orchestrator

Univa License Orchestrator optimizes the sharing of limited, and often costly, application license features across users, groups, departments, and projects.

License Orchestrator can automatically extract license data from one or more FlexNet Publisher servers and share global license pools across multiple clusters with guaranteed license availability.

In addition to sharing licenses, License Orchestrator tracks and monitors license usage for all clusters and jobs. Valuable license related reports provide insights into how licenses can be used more efficiently to boost throughput and productivity.

Support for leading EDA tools

Univa supports all leading commercial and open-source EDA applications and easily adapts to in-house developed tools.

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Whether users are running interactive jobs, or long-running regression tests, Univa software can place workloads on the best available system to maximize throughput, license utilization, and improve the productivity of the entire design environment.


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