Univa powers
modern CAE & Manufacturing

  • manufacturing Boost CAE productivity, reduce time-to-market

  • product quality Improve product quality, avoid physical prototypes

  • reduce spending Reduce costs, boost productivity

Production-proven with leading global manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods

  • cummins
  • bwt
  • siemens
  • samsung
  • rolls royce
  • ansys

Univa supports the full range of CAE applications powering high-performance workloads on-premise and in the cloud.

  • performance

    High-throughput workload scheduling

    Proven scalability to 1M+ vCPUs and up to 9x the performance of competing schedulers.

  • parallel

    Advanced parallel job support

    Use standing reservations with your choice of MPI to maximize parallel job throughput

  • networking

    Hybrid, dedicated,
    and multi-cloud

    Stay flexible and portable, efficiently running applications on-prem or in your choice of cloud.

  • networking

    Leverage AI for smarter CAE simulations

    Univa Grid Engine supports leading Machine Learning frameworks for intelligent simulation.

  • database

    Container and
    GPU management

    Efficiently manage modern containerized workloads alongside existing applications.

  • server

    Improve utilization, reduce IT spending

    Univa software helps organizations maximize resource utilization for lower overall infrastructure spending.

Univa means productivity for CAE simulations

From static and dynamic structural analysis to computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Univa makes CAE environments productive and efficient.

Computer simulation is used in everything from structural analysis to computational fluid dynamics to domain-specific problems in thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and acoustics.

Univa provides a competitive edge. Production-proven in the world’s largest CAE environments, Univa is an excellent choice for HPC manufacturing environments that need to improve efficiency, boost productivity, and innovate with new AI tools to deliver superior value and reduce total cost of ownership.

Broad CAE Application Support

Univa provides the industry’s most complete set of commercial and open-source application integrations with leading CAE, Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications.

  • ansys dassult openform
  • msc dyna
  • ccm siemens esi simulia


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