Optimize Oil & Gas Discovery & Production

  • oil rig Improve reservoir yields, maximize extraction

  • oil field Enable new applications for instrumented oil fields

  • reduce costs Reduce costs, improve profitability

Production-proven with leading oil & gas companies

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Univa software supports the full range of oil & gas applications from reservoir modeling to seismic analysis to machine learning and predictive maintenance.

  • oil rig

    Maximize performance for higher yield

    Proven scalability to 1M+ vCPUs for fast and efficiently large-scale seismic and reservoir simulations.

  • parallel

    Advanced parallel job support

    Run large-scale parallel simulations with your choice of MPI, for maximum performance and fidelity.

  • networking

    Hybrid, dedicated,
    and multi-cloud

    Stay flexible and portable, efficiently running applications on-prem or in your choice of cloud.

  • networking

    Predictive maintenance and advanced analytics

    Support the instrumented oil field, blending traditional simulations with AI, and advanced analytic workloads.

  • database

    Container and
    GPU management

    Efficiently manage modern containerized workloads alongside existing applications.

  • server

    Migration, automation and spend management

    Reduce costs and improve efficiency with Univa's Navops Launch cloud automation.

Improve the efficiency of oil & gas discovery and production

From reservoir modeling to seismic interpretation to new analytic and AI workloads, Univa software provides a competitive edge.

Oil & Gas companies rely on large-scale computer simulations for everything from seismic analysis to determining optimal drilling strategies to predicting the NPV of various drilling locations.

With support for industry-leading GPU-enabled simulators, and advanced container support, Univa can help energy companies run large-scale simulations faster and more efficiently. Navops Launch helps energy companies easily migrate workloads to the cloud with sophisticated cloud automation and spend management for improved productivity and maximum ROI.

Leading seismic modeling and reservoir
simulation applications

Univa supports industry leading oil and gas solutions including Schlumberger’s ECLIPSE® and CCG’s Jason® multi-realization batch accelerator to accelerate reservoir characterization projects. With multi-GPU scheduling, and flexible cloud bursting, Univa helps dramatically reduce simulation runtime for even the largest models.

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Benchmarking Univa Grid Engine:

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Western Digital deploys a million core cluster with Univa

Learn how Univa helped Western Digital deploy a 1,000,000+ core cluster on AWS to speed simulation time by 60X with Navops Launch and Univa Grid Engine.


Capitalizing on the opportunity of Hybrid Cloud in HPC.

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