Univa solutions for Transportation & Fleet Logistics

  • Optimize crew utilization & fleet scheduling

  • Ensure compliance, optimize maintenance

  • Improve operations, boost profitability

Trusted by leading commercial carriers, fleet operators, and logistics providers

  • United
  • db
  • air france
  • american
  • emirates
  • boeing
  • alitalia
  • ups
  • cathay
  • jeppesen

Support for thousands of applications including Jeppesen, advanced GPU and container management, and seamless access to public clouds.

  • aircraft

    Run time-critical fleet optimization jobs faster

    Univa delivers high throughput scheduling, helping avoid expensive delays during critical periods.

  • crew

    Support crew & fleet management apps

    Easily run parallel optimization jobs, model compilations, and studio sessions.

  • networking

    Hybrid, dedicated,
    and multi-cloud

    Optionally extend fleet optimization workloads to the cloud with seamless cloud bursting.

  • quality

    Exceptional reliability for critical workloads

    Univa products provide continuous availability in support of mission critical fleet operations.

  • support

    Enterprise support from the experts

    Reduce risk with top-notch technical support from the leaders in enterprise workload management.

  • spending

    Improve utilization for lower IT costs

    Univa software helps organizations maximize resource utilization for lower overall infrastructure spending.

Univa software is production-proven with leading commercial fleet optimization solutions including Jeppesen®, a Boeing® company.

End-to-end commercial aviation solutions help keep airline operations efficient, profitable and safe, and help carriers optimize everything from fuel-efficiency to flight planning to crew fatigue.

Despite all the best planning to determine optimal routes and schedules, weather, personnel issues, and external events inevitably get in the way. Univa software helps transportation companies quickly and reliably re-compute routes and schedules considering a wide variety of constraints. The result is improved efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and improved profitability.